One of the joys of living in the suburbs of South Florida is the amount of wildlife I can see in my very own backyard.  Some of it is exotic, some of it is ordinary, but it’s all fascinating to me.

My home backs up on a waterway, so I think I probably see more wild animals than many other folks who might only have a fence.  I’ve had the joys of seeing otters, raccoons, possum, turtles and other native wildlife in addition to some non-native but pervasive species like iguanas.  Here are a few photos that I’ve taken within the last couple of months.  Sorry for the shitty quality, I didn’t have my cell phone camera set quite right.



Sad Muschamp

Georgia Southern may have to vacate its 2013 win against the Gators.

According to the NCAA, a former assistant compliance director provided one student-athlete with all her coursework for a class the player was enrolled in, then instructed the player to lie and cover up for her when the professor caught on.

In a separate incident, a former assistant director of student-athlete services wrote and submitted 10 extra-credit assignments for two players, using their usernames and passwords without their knowledge.

To add insult to injury, the cheating didn’t even work, according to the NCAA’s report.

In addition to the probation and loss of scholarships, Georgia Southern will also vacate any wins in which the players involved played, reduce their number of official visits for recruits by 10 percent and be fined $5,000, a punishment self-imposed by the school.

Here’s hoping that one of the players was ineligible on November 23, 2013.

“One of the things you don’t know about money is that it is covered in human skin.”

One of Archie McPhee’s more popular items: handerpants, underpants for your hands.

No, Director of Awesome at Archie McPhee, I did not know that.  I did not know that at all.  Nor did I know how bad human skin smells when it starts to decompose:

“One of the things you don’t know about money is that it is covered in human skin,” says Wahl. “So as it gets hot out, it basically starts smelling like human flesh.” The stench of the dead, rotting skin was overpowering, and any time the shredded money had to be dealt with, workers had to wear ventilator masks and gloves. Eventually, they were able to sell the reeking bails back to the original buyer at a steep loss.

I suddenly feel as though my life has been devoid of all meaning.  I mean, sure, we can’t all work for a weird novelty company, but after reading this, I am asking myself why I’m not.


sad butch
Sad Butch



The University of Tennessee has reached a financial settlement with a group of women who sued the school in federal court for the way it handled their allegations of sexual assaults by student-athletes.

According to documents obtained by ESPN, the university will pay the eight women $2.48 million.

According to a UT release, the settlement agreement specifically provides that the university is not admitting guilt, negligence or unlawful acts. UT officials said they have already spent $220,000 litigating the case and estimated that it would cost another $5.5 million if the case ended in trial. David Randolph Smith, the Nashville attorney who represents the eight women, said his clients are dismissing their lawsuit against UT.

“My clients and I are dismissing the lawsuit with prejudice and signed the settlement agreement,” Smith said in a statement. “We are satisfied that, while universities everywhere struggle with these issues, the University of Tennessee has made significant progress in the way they educate and respond to sexual assault cases. My clients and I are also convinced that the University’s leadership is truly committed to continue its exemplary efforts to create a model as it relates to sexual misconduct.

Honestly, $2.5 million split among 8 different women is not that much, however the attorney’s statement indicates that UT is taking some remedial measures.

Schools with prominent sports programs need to buckle down – it’s a new world and student-athletes shouldn’t be coddled anymore when they (allegedly) rape coeds.  It isn’t enough for the Jimbo Fishers, Art Brileses and Butch Joneses of the world to stick their heads in the sand and ignore what their players are doing.  They need to be charged with some oversight of their students, especially when the guys they’re recruiting are not exactly “model citizens.”