Sad Muschamp

Georgia Southern may have to vacate its 2013 win against the Gators.

According to the NCAA, a former assistant compliance director provided one student-athlete with all her coursework for a class the player was enrolled in, then instructed the player to lie and cover up for her when the professor caught on.

In a separate incident, a former assistant director of student-athlete services wrote and submitted 10 extra-credit assignments for two players, using their usernames and passwords without their knowledge.

To add insult to injury, the cheating didn’t even work, according to the NCAA’s report.

In addition to the probation and loss of scholarships, Georgia Southern will also vacate any wins in which the players involved played, reduce their number of official visits for recruits by 10 percent and be fined $5,000, a punishment self-imposed by the school.

Here’s hoping that one of the players was ineligible on November 23, 2013.

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