Meet the idiots who protested Ryan Lochte’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars

As you may have heard by now, Ryan Lochte’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars prompted a small audience protest, including these two morons who attempted to rush the stage:

According to media reports, they were arrested and identified as Barzeen Brandon Soroudi, age 25; and Sam Sotoodeh, age 59.  They were accompanied by several female protestors, who cowardly left the studio after these two assclowns were taken down.  Here’s the video, as posted to Twitter by “DCHomos”:

Another angle of Lochte protesters on #DWTS #DancingWiththeStars

So who are these assholes?  Although they claimed that they were protesting because Lochte’s actions in Rio “endangered Americans,” I suspect they have Brazilian roots and are seeking to further embarrass Lochte (who, as we all should know by now thanks to USA Today, was pretty much right in his claim that he was robbed at gunpoint).

Nice beard. And why is your tie so loose?
Barzeen Brandon Soroudi

Let’s start with Soroudi.  His LinkedIn page (complete with ultra-douchey picture) indicates he’s the CEO of a company called “Yearstream Multimedia,” which appears to sell high school yearbooks that come with a DVD or something.  Real sharp business plan there, Barzeen.

Barzeen’s only prior work experience came as an administrative assistant at “Acquisition Groups,” which is run by his accomplice, Sam Sotoodeh.  It looks like Barzeen worked for Sam when he was in high school and college (at Cal-Irvine) .

Sotoodeh appears to be better educated than his young apprentice, claiming an MBA from Cornell.  And his company, Acquisition Group, Inc., appears to manage real estate investments in the United States… and guess where?  Go on, guess.

That’s right – Brazil.  In fact, Acquisition Group’s web site has an entire page dedicated to its business in Brazil – no other nation is accorded such lofty status.

Interestingly, both Soroudi and Sotoodeh are Persian surnames.  While Brazil’s population is very diverse, there have been no mass migrations of Iranians to Brazil.  I can’t confirm that either one has ever lived in Brazil, or have any relatives who do.

So why do these two guys give a shit?  Is it merely because of Acquisition Group’s business dealings?

I know this rabbit hole goes deeper.  If you know anything about these douchebags, contact me.

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