*cough* *cough* BULLSHIT! *cough* *cough*

Well, the media caught up to Barzeen and Sam as they left jail yesterday.  You can see a video of a partial interview at the ABC News site here.

Perez Hilton (yes, I know, I can’t believe I’m linking to a gossip site like that) has some more quotes from these fools:

Sam said:

“I don’t even understand why the people over there did that. I was not even going towards Lochte. I was going in a different direction.”

“This guy runs out, unnecessarily tackles me, hurts me, and as you can see I have bruises. My back also hurts, my neck hurts. Why? He could’ve come and said ‘Please get off the stage,’ or ‘Get off the stage,’ or handle it in a civilized manner. Then, as he was taking me out, he punched me. He kicked me.”

“Our purpose was to get the message out that Lochte is a coward, a liar, and, under Brazilian law, a criminal.”

Sounds like Sam is angling towards a personal injury suit.  More after the jump.

As for Barzeen, he again commented that he did it because Lochte made America look bad:

“It was just a protest, not a violent protest. That’s all we were doing. We didn’t agree, obviously, with the Walt Disney Company choosing Lochte to represent Americans. Yes, he did receive gold medals, but what he did in Rio did not represent Americans well.”

“We were actually at the Olympics. So, what happened was, once Lochte did what he did, embarrassed Americans, lied to Brazil, the climate changed. So, all of a sudden, Americans became targets in Rio. The Brazilians obviously felt insulted, and it became very difficult for all Americans there.”

“I want the world to know, we want Americans to know, that we don’t take what he did lightly. He embarrassed Americans on the world stage, and this was our form of protest against that.”

As my title implies, this is bullshit.  This wasn’t about Lochte “embarrassing” America.  There’s another motive here, as indicated by Sam Sotoodeh’s close business ties with Brazil.  He’s a little too old to be out there getting tackled by security guards unless he’s got a strong motivation.

It can’t be a coincidence that Satoodeh’s company does a lot of business in Brazil.  It would not surprise me at all if it turned out he did it for personal gain, or at the behest of Brazilian friends of business associates.

There is another agenda here.

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